2 Years, 2 Different Ways

During this time of year, I become all nostalgic. All the memories of my journey thus far start popping up in my mind and at the same time I’m excited to get a jump start on the upcoming new year. I have to remind myself to slow down and just soak it all in.

We are truly humbled by all the love that we have received over the past two years. Being on the inside, the one going through the grind day in and day out, sometimes my vision becomes clouded and I start wondering, “Jeez, what exactly is it that I’m doing here?"

The first year that we opened is a blur. It was an adjustment period, it was exciting, so much was going on, ALL the time. Interview after interview, lots of or orders challenging my creativity, figuring out my way around the retail aspect, meeting a ton of new people almost daily, it was great. It was amazing, it almost felt surreal. 

This past year, I’ve spent it being a little more low key. I spent it connecting. Connecting with myself, my family, my son, my clients, and my work.

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” - Maya Angelou

I’ve resonated with this Maya Angelou quote all year. I’m a master at self sabotaging and I constantly struggle with self doubt. Two things that I’m still working on. So although on the surface, people seemingly see “success”, it has not come without it’s fair share of struggles. But you know, that’s probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned this year. EVERY person struggles. EVERY person makes mistakes, unless if you’re not human, then I don’t know. It’s how you rebuild yourself after those struggles, that matters. There’s nothing wrong with admitting “I’m wrong”. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. As long as you know you’re working towards becoming better and you have peace and contentment in your heart and mind, you’re golden. Thanks to the Speak Your Heart series that I found on YouTube earlier this year, I realized, we humans are all more similar than we are different, provided we choose to see that we can relate instead of focusing on the things that we disagree on.

This year I also really had a chance to connect with my work. In this era of social media, sometimes it feels like there’s some sort of “race” to the unknown “top”. How many followers do you have? How many likes do you get? How many reviews do you have? Basically, how “popular” are you? I, for one did not focus on this aspect aggressively at all this year. I just wanted to work and enjoy my work and just be me. I realized it’s the little things that matter more to me.

One of the aspects that I pride myself in when it comes to my business, is that literally my “job” is to put a smile on my clients face. And 99.999999%, I nail it. From the kiddos that come in here and design their own cake to the adults that come in here super excited about finding out the gender of their baby and everything else in between, we spread happiness. We spread the feelings of love, joy and awe. And that makes me very happy.

There are a few clients that really stand out to me this year. I’ll highlight one of the encounters below for now. One time an elderly man called me and he wanted to order a birthday cake for his wife. I was like ok that’s great, what would you like to order? He wanted a german chocolate cake with the traditional coconut and pecan frosting. Now, I have not made this flavor before and I’m always open to trying new things, but I didn’t want to ruin his surprise for his wife had it not turned out right. He insisted he wanted to place the order through my shop and also told me that he can’t drive or leave his house and asked if I could deliver the cake. I was like ok sure, we got this. Mondays are my one complete day off and this order was for a Monday. I went in that Monday and baked his cake, made the coconut pecan frosting for the first time ever and decorated the cake and delivered it to his home which was nearby. He was a very elderly man and very grateful to me for accommodating him and giving him exactly what he wanted for his wife. Now usually what happens is, I make the cake, deliver it or the client picks it up and it’s like hey thanks it looks great and you don’t really hear from them again unless if I reach out to them to ask them to leave us a review etc. I got a call from this gentleman the next morning. I immediately thought I may have screwed up the flavor (the self doubt kicking in) and he had in fact called to thank me and told me that that was the best german chocolate cake him and his wife have ever had and they really enjoyed the cake and that his wife was happy and that he was thankful to me for helping make their night even more perfect. Now THAT really touched my heart. This isn’t something that I could tack on to a “wall of accomplishments” or have a him leave a review for on my various business pages or anything like that. But this is a memory that I could keep with myself forever. It’s the little things. The appreciation. Making someone’s day. Making someone happy.

Your words make a difference. Use them to make a positive difference in the world.

Anyway, I haven’t written anything in a very long time and when I came to my shop this morning, I was in a very reflective mood, hence this post.

As you all know, we are celebrating two years of Scrumptious, tomorrow the 17th, 12-5. Come by and enjoy some Scrumptious Signature Sweets and freshly brewed coffee. (And yes, we will have some German Chocolate cupcakes as well tomorrow!) Share some memories in the comments or preferably in person, you’ve made with us overtime, silly or otherwise. Thank you for all the love and support and we look forward to continuing to build our Scrumptious Squad over the years! Watch out for the #ScrumptiousSquad features that we will be starting soon!

P.S. if you’ve made it this far, thank you! First 20 people that whisper this secret code tomorrow at checkout will receive a free cupcake, Secret Code: “Scrumptious Party”.

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