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I don’t even know where to begin. It’s been 6 weeks since COVID has hit. Life as we all knew it has been thrown out the door, not to be seen again any time in the near future or really ever again?

Due to the uncertainty surrounding all of us, the levels of stress and anxiety have been high for most people. I’m used to survival mode, but this survival mode is on a whole other level. When finally accepting and stepping into the COVID reality, I was thinking to myself, “Really, I gotta struggle, again?” But at least this time, it’s not just my struggle, everyone is in this together and have their own unique sets of struggles, whether that be financial, health related, or anything else. And honestly, we all have our own struggles regardless of a global pandemic, but they’re just not as amplified so to say. So we are always in it together, if we choose to see it that way. Our struggles may be different, but no one’s struggles are any less than anyone else’s, no one’s life is struggle free, even if social media makes it seem otherwise.

Change is good, it can even be great, but change is also hard, but also, sometimes, there’s no other choice. You can either roll up into a ball and sink into your bed —like i was doing initially, wishing for it all to go away — OR you can get up, get out there and give life your best shot. It’s about perspective, even if you feel like you’re lying to yourself at times. There is a saying in urdu my parents always remind me of, “ummeed per dunya qaaim hai” According to Google translate, “The world is built on hope.” The only way we keep going is because we are hopeful that there are better days ahead, we hope that our efforts will pay off in the end. This is not to say to not enjoy your current moment and keep chasing the unknown, but when your current reality looks bleak, you want something to look forward to, which is what helps to keep going at times.

Anywho, I sat down here today to write a post about how grateful I am for each and every one of you for being there and for supporting me and my business in every way possible, but it’s turning out to be a lot more than that, per usual Hira personality :)

This is what the past few weeks have looked like for me: I woke up one Thursday morning with $24.00 to my name and the realization that our event industry is about to be non-existent, which means basically my business, the way it’s been built over the past ten years, basically doesn’t exist anymore. The thought of losing everything I’ve worked so hard for was debilitating to say the least. BUT, I am so lucky to have the greatest support system around me. From my parents, to my siblings to my entire family, that are always standing with me ready to help me with anything I could possibly need, to my friends, that have allowed me to pour out all my thoughts for hours on end and have offered and have helped in so many other ways. To my clients and even strangers that have messaged and called to say they’re rooting for me. Each like, each comment, each message, each call, each share, each kind word, each purchase, ALL of that has made a difference.

I’ve had to pivot and pivot again and then yet again the past month and a half. From daily deliveries for the Cupcake Campaign, to weekly deliveries for the holiday launch. From fulfilling daily orders for our popular products, to new launches that are quickly becoming the talk of the town, it’s been one heck of a ride. It’s been exhausting, but exhilarating at the same time. It’s been hard to find even the basic ingredients to fulfill the orders, and when I do find them, they’re triple the price they used to be and I’m charging the same that I used to. My car broke down on me, I broke my phone, I haven’t been able to go home 3-4 days at a time, when I say I haven’t had time to breathe, I’m not exaggerating. I’ve just been making it work, going out there every single day, doing my best, which is all I can do at the end of the day. From custom orders for events that were in the hundreds to thousands and even then, just barely making it, you have to sell a heck of a lot of $2.00 cupcakes to make rent and pay the bills. This is all to say that IF Scrumptious doesn't survive COVID, I’ll have peace in my heart that even if I have to go, I’ve put up a good fight.

I finally had a minute to myself this morning and wanted to put my thoughts on paper. And here I am now, sharing these thoughts with all of you. Thank YOU so much to all of YOU that have been here for my business (which is ultimately being here for me and my kiddo) in any way. It’s all been noticed even if I haven’t been able to respond or acknowledge it yet.

Also, what was also supposed to be the main purpose of the post, which seems to now be the side note of it, (thanks to me), I am so happy to have launched my first ever actual holiday collection. For the past four years, I have wanted to launch holiday collections and have never gotten around to it. This Mother’s Day, I finally made it happen. It’s nerve-wracking to put 100% of my own creativity out there, but the love that you all have shown especially on the floral printed cake and the platters has had me mind blown!

Today is the last day to order for Mother’s Day pick ups and deliveries. If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to reach out via phone or email and I will be happy to assist! Please share with your family & friends as well, every little bit helps!


Thank you so much!!


Special shoutouts to:

  • My family first. You all know everything you’ve been doing for me, I don’t feel the need to list it here, but thank YOU all for everything.
  • Afrin from @afrindesigns, for sharing all the resources you’ve found and allowing me to pour out my thoughts and cry over the past month especially.
  • Naaz from @modestbliss, the things you do for me are far too many to list here.
  • Asra from @havefaithtocreate, for surprising me and fulfilling my monkey bread craving.
  • Juveriya from @mirteaching, for sending over the sweetest card (I was avoiding checking my mail, but was so happy when I finally did).

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  • Naaz Shaikh on

    You inspire me everyday and I love being your phone buddy and hearing you out – even if all you needed was a vent session :) We’re all in this alongside you! I’ll always be there rooting for you as long as I can, inshaAllah!

  • Amania on

    May Allah make it easy for you and all of us. You are a strong woman and mom, inshAllah you’ll get through this!

  • Rabia Kassim on

    You are such an inspiration Hira!

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