Intermediate Level Fondant Cake Decorating + Stacking
Scrumptious by Hira

Intermediate Level Fondant Cake Decorating + Stacking

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This will be a hands-on, in person course at Scrumptious by Hira. The first of its' kind being offered in the suburban area! 

In this course, we will take you quickly through the basics and foundational elements of decorating any cake and will focus more on proper structure and various methods of stacking a cake along with decorating a fondant cake with various different techniques. Including, but not limited to ruffles, molding, and gilding etc.

Your cake will be covered already with buttercream. You will learn how to cover a cake in fondant, achieve sharp edges, and stack the cake with proper internal structure. With minimum tools and maximum effect.

We will also discuss essential cake decorating tools and well as the various options and brands available currently and locally.

I will also share my personal techniques that I have developed and perfected over the years and that I use daily at my bakery. 

We will also go over troubleshooting common problems as well as the storing process.

All supplies are included and you will take home your final product. 

This course is suitable for an intermediate level, you do need to know how to cover a cake in buttercream.

Would love for you to join us! 

• Once you purchase the class, there will be no transfers or refunds available for any reason. 
• Very limited seats available! 


Please note: Cake Topper not included.