Mini Sweets - Flash Sale - October 2022
Scrumptious by Hira

Mini Sweets - Flash Sale - October 2022

Regular price $250.00

This package includes 100 mini desserts. You can choose up to 4 items from the list below and you will receive 25 of each type. Items cannot be substituted

• 2 oz. Biscoff Cups
• Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods
• Biscoff Tarts
• Oreo Cheesecake Bars
• 2 oz. Mango Mousse Cups
• 2 oz. Tiramisu Cups
• Triple Chocolate Chip Brownies

This package is good for about 30-50 people (based on 2-3 items per person). No customization on these items.

For pick up. Delivery available, there will be an additional charge based on location.

Expires 06/30/2023

No refunds on this item. Can use at any time pending availability (check in for availability AT LEAST two weeks ahead). No need to provide date of event at the time of booking.

Not available to redeem NOV 14-20, 2022 and JANUARY 2023.

Package cannot be split over multiple events.

Please email us with your selection of desserts, date and time of event at when you are ready to redeem your order.