Limited Edition, Ultimate Harry Potter Platter
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Limited Edition, Ultimate Harry Potter Platter

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Our Limited Edition, Ultimate Harry Potter Platter is now available for pre-order!

This 10" platter includes a variety of 25 Harry Potter themed desserts. 

The platter is available for both pick up and delivery. Please visit delivery link to add delivery charge to your cart as well (linked below).

Pick up options:

1. During our October 17th, Harry Potter Day Event, 12-5PM. If you pre-order this platter, you can enjoy VIP treatment, skip the lines and enjoy our bakery transformation into Hogwarts before the crowd!

2. You aren't quite ready to brave the crowds yet and are being extra cautious due to COVID? No problem! You can pick up your platter the next day, October 18th, between 5-7PM. Curbside pick up is available as well, just give us a call at 6306567760 when you reach our storefront!

Delivery option: 

1. All platters deliveries will be made on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, between 5-7PM. Please add your appropriate delivery charge to cart as well via this listing:

Our Limited Edition, Ultimate Harry Potter Platter includes the following items:

• 1 Hogwarts crest customized pumpkin spice flavored sugar cookie
• 4 Treacle Tarts -- made with Golden Syrup!
• 4 Mini Cupcakes -- including the Golden Snitch and the Sorting Hat which when you take a bite will sort you into your house with an Every Flavored Jelly Bean!
• 4 Butterbeer Macarons -- you'll feel the nostalgia of being right back at The Three Broomsticks!
• 4 Sorceror's Stone Brownies -- legend has it this mystical stone is an artifact that can turn inexpensive metals into gold or create an elixir that would make humans younger, thus delaying death!
• 4 Exploding Truffles -- let's just say, it'll be a party in your mouth!
• 4 Fizzing Whizzbees -- these Orange Creamsicle sherbet truffles will cause a person who sucks on them to float a few inches off the ground!

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