The Scrumptious Tale

Hira was always a very creative girl. She was the resourceful one, the dependable one, the capable one. In 2011, just to further explore her interest of baking and crafts, Hira signed herself up for The Wilton classes at Hobby Lobby. After completing just two classes, Hira fancied herself a professional and got to work on a two-tiered cake for her friends 21st birthday. A lot has changed since 2011. Hira completed The Wilton courses, she even got married and started a family. But everything wasn’t all sugar and spice.

After completing all four Wilton courses, just for fun Hira started baking for friends and family. In 2012, at 21 years old, Hira received a proposal and later that year she was married, and Scrumptious by Hira, (just a dream at the time) was buried. Unfortunately, married life wasn’t the fairytale Hira had dreamed it up to be and she soon found herself struggling. Her husband was out of a job and had no aspirations of finding a new one, leaving a pregnant Hira uncertain about the future.

July of 2013, two very life alerting events took place for Hira and became the building blocks for the Scrumptious by Hira we know today.
1. Hira had her beautiful baby boy, Muhammad.
2. Hira got a divorce.

Fueled by nothing but the love for her son, Hira re-launched Scrumptious by Hira, this time however; it was open to the public. Hira was baking from her mother’s kitchen, creating a chaos of flour and sugar, Kitchen-aid whirring in one corner, her mother in the other. But you see, nothing could hold Hira down. Hira no longer believed in being dependent on anyone, and she didn’t want that for her infant son either. Hira baked and crafted and slaved away all hours of the night so that her son would never have to feel uncertainty the way Hira had felt just a year ago.

Three years after having her son, Hira is proud to be standing on her own 1300 square feet (we’re talking the bakery, not her shoe size). She feels nothing but fulfillment as she unlocks the doors every morning to the job that has become a home. But Hira isn’t alone, no. She has the cutest little business partner with gel in his hair and probably a macaron in his pocket ready to conquer whatever hurdle comes his way or to his mother.

The bakery for Hira is a symbol of resistance and freedom from an uncertain, undependable life. And Scrumptious by Hira prides itself in being a place where women can come to find comfort in uncertain times. Scrumptious by Hira aspires to be a place that grows with the community that made Hira feel so safe.