Price List

The pricing for everything below includes basic theme colors. Anything customized or additional will be charged accordingly. 

Itemized Dessert Price List

• Mini Cupcakes: Moist, bite sized cupcakes. Irresistibly cute!
any flavor, with your choice of buttercream color $12.00/dz 
w/ customized fondant decor toppers, starting price $24.00/dz

• Standard Sized Cupcakes: Freshly baked, Scrumptious cupcakes
any flavor, with your choice of buttercream color $36.00/dz
w/ customized fondant decor toppers, starting price $48.00/dz

• Homemade Marshmallows: Fluffy and favorable, the perfect little treat to take you straight to the campfire
any color $8.00/dz

• Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Juicy strawberries, dipped in either chocolate or candy coating of your choice
any color candy coating or chocolate coating w/ sprinkles or drizzle $24.00/dz

w/ customized toppers, starting at $36.00/dz 

• Cakesicles: $5.00 per cakesicle starting price

• Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods: Salty pretzel rods dipped in chocolate and topped off with drizzle and your choice of toppings
any color w/ drizzle or sprinkles: $24.00/dz

• Pudding Cake in a Cup: Fluffy layer of cake topped with a layer of indulgent chocolate pudding, tied together with a dollop of whip cream. 
2oz. cup $3.50 per cup

• Custard Cups: Moist layer of cake stacked under a layer of creamy custard and topped off with a layer of jello
2oz cup $3.50 per cup 

• Large Crème Puffs: Creamy custard encapsulated in a warm, fluffy shell 
$2.50per crème puff
w/ chocolate dipped: $3.00 per crème puff

• Oreo Cheesecake Bars: Layer of ground up oreo’s topped off with creamy, cheesy goodness
2X2 cheesecake bar, $2.00 per bar

Minis: $1.00 per bar

• Date Rolls: $18.00/dz pieces 

• Cake Pops: Truffle textured interior, coated in chocolate, topped with sprinkles.
$30.00/dz with sprinkles or drizzle, your choice of color 
Individually packaged, $.25 additional per pop
Custom Cake Pops will be priced accordingly.

• Macarons: Delicate almond meringue cookies with a rich creamy center. Color and flavor of your choice.
Custom Macarons will be charged accordingly. 

• Tiramisu Cups: Lady fingers drenched in coffee with a layer of creamy custard and dollop of whip cream, dusted with coffee powder.
2oz. cup, $3.00 per cup 

• Oreo Truffles: Moist cookie balls made entirely out of crushed oreos and cream cheese
$27.00/dz with sprinkles or drizzle, your choice of color 

• Gulab Jamun Pops: Gulab Jamun dipped in chocolate.
$30/dz, your choice of color  

• Chocolate Covered Oreos:
$30.00/dz w/ sprinkles or drizzle,
with a customized fondant topper $36.00/dz 

• Custom Decorated Sugar Cookies: starting at $5.00 per cookie for a ~3X3 cookie, 2 color design, minimum order of 6 cookies, can mix shape and design, not the colors for the minimum, Individually packaged is $.25 additional per cookie for basic cellophane bag and tie

• Mango Mousse Shooters: $2.75 per shooter

• Fruit Tarts: Shortbread crust filled with fresh in house made pastry cream $2.25 per tart, topped with you choice of fruit

• Biscoff Tarts: Chocolate crust filled with biscoff pie filling $2.25 per tart

• Customized Rice Krispie Treats: Chewy, crunchy rice krispies fused together with our signature homemade marshmallows.
starting $2.00 per ~1.5X3 treat (no stick included)

* Ingredient and allergy information provided upon request. Facility is not nut free.