Italian, from the phrase tirami su ‘pick me up.’

What is it?

It is an elegant and rich layered Italian dessert — made of ladyfingers soaked in coffee, with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar and a special type of cheese ;) -- Topped with powdered cocoa. 

Our Story

If you’re a long time follower of ours, you know by now, at Scrumptious, we always have a story to tell. Back in January of 2014 when we were still fairly new, we were gearing up to put together our first ever dessert table. At this time, we didn’t have very many options to choose from on our menu, BUT, as always, we were more than eager to take special requests and try something new, and if it went over well, it was thereafter added to our menu. Little did we know, that the request for Tiramisu at that time would soon become our best selling product and Scrumptious wouldn’t be able to live without it! 

I still remember the day that I first made it. I had no idea what I was doing, I had pulled up probably a dozen recipes off of Google and had only a couple hours before my clients showed up to experiment and have something to put in front of them. If you know me at all, you know I work well under pressure. After a couple hours of experimenting, I had a final product. I had no idea how it was supposed to taste or if it even tasted good, but it looked pretty alright, so I popped it in the refrigerator and was now waiting for the arrival of my clients.

The first time I made Tiramisu.
The first time I made Tiramisu.

This is back when I held consultation appointments out of my parents’ home. The family showed up -- there were about 5-6 people that came to this appointment. We all sat around the 6 seater dining table that we had at the time. I presented them with their tasting options, we went over the presentation, and had a pretty nice discussion about their order. Turns out, the Tiramisu went over really well — they were REALLY impressed! After it was all over and the tiramisu was finished, I told them that this was the first time that I had ever made it. They couldn’t believe it! Ever since then, Tiramisu has been a part of our Scrumptious menu. 

Scrumptious + Tiramisu Facts 

  • Ever since Tiramisu has been added to our menu, it has been a part of 99.9% of our Dessert Table Presentations. 
  • Tiramisu has consistently been our best-selling item.
  • Tiramisu is available for purchase at our retail storefront (825 E Roosevelt Lombard, IL. 60148) every single day that we are open.
  • Tiramisu made its’ debut in it’s new packaging (in jars), at the I Heart Halal Festival that took place in April of 2018 at Navy Pier.
    • At this festival, we were selling this item for $10 a jar, and it was the first item to sell out consistently every single day of the festival, we just couldn’t keep up!
  • We’ve turned very many Tiramisu skepticals into Tiramisu LOVERS!
  • You don’t know Tiramisu, until you’ve tried Scrumptious Tiramisu! 

How to Get Your Hands on it!

Now that you've read SO much about our Scrumptious Tiramisu, you're probably wondering how YOU can get your hands on this oh-so-perfect "pick-me-up" dessert.

You can purchase Tiramisu in various options. We can make them in various sizes of cups, jars and trays. Perfect for dessert tables, party favors and just to enjoy on your own! You can place an order online, in person, text us, call us or email us! Whatever you do, get your hands on THIS Tiramisu! You won’t regret it!

Can we count on YOU to give it a try? :) See you soon! 

Link to purchase Tiramisu online -- Just need a one day notice for preorders! :) https://scrumptiousbyhira.com/collections/order-online

825 E Roosevelt Road Lombard, IL. 60148

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