Today marks one month since we officially opened the doors to our storefront. The love, support and feedback that we received has been overwhelmingly amazing. We had hundreds of people join us at our Grand Opening Day event and we were so happy to meet with all of our clients that came as well as meeting many new people. We highly appreciate everyone that was able to come out despite the super cold weather that day. 

Back in January when I sat down and scribbled a timeline of goals for 2016, I did not expect to be able to tick off every single one as accomplished at the end of the year. At the time it was all just a wish, a hope, a desire with no actual deadline. The aspirations were subconsciously in the back of my mind the entire year along with a lot of doubt and anxiety of the unknown as well. Alhamdulillah, by the will of Allah, and the endless support of my family, I am thankful to Allah that He allowed for us to experience such a great beginning to our latest adventure.

This past month we have just been settling in, getting used to our new equipment and space, trying to adjust to our new routine and hours and most importantly developing the direction for the retail end of our shop. We are also in the process of updating our website. In the meantime, you can visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to see the type of work that we specialize in and any inquiries can be sent to us directly at 

Thank you for your support and patience! 

With lots of love, 

“Call upon me, I will respond to you.” Quran 40:60

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  • Noor on

    Very happy for you. Your story was inspiring and wish you more success. Wonderful quote, stay strong :)

  • Huda Siddiqui on

    Mashallah Tabaarakallah! May Allah swt give barakah and success in whatever you do. Ameen!

    Loved the end quote from “The Qur’an”

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